Sysdig MCM Nav Menu integration

These helm charts deploy a couple of services and an Ingress with the labels and annotations that are required to create links in the MCM top-left Burger menu.

The ingress entry does not seem to work for ExternalService (unable to resolve service), so a nginx pod is deployed with a couple of redirect rules to redirect the user to Secure or Monitor SaaS URLs.

Verify the integrity and origin

Sysdig Helm Charts are signed so users can verify the integrity and origin of each chart, the steps are as follows:

Import the Public Key

$ curl -o "/tmp/sysdig_public.gpg" ""
$ gpg --import /tmp/sysdig_public.gpg

Verify the chart

To check the integrity and the origin of the charts you can now append the --verify flag to the install, upgrade and pull helm commands.